ELECT Mississauga Councillor, WARD 1
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I believe a vibrant community is home to a better life. That’s why I have been a Ward 1 resident since I was born. I feel I have the ability to continue the vision of community for community.

I sense the best is yet to come for our Ward and all of Mississauga. Yet the changes to come before us will be much bigger than the ones taking place right now.

I’d really like to have a personal discussion to hear your thoughts. I know our communities have many questions and want to be involved as the landscape of our city evolves.

Together, I believe we can bring a united voice to how we see the future of our neighborhoods, our homes and each other.


Professional Experience

  • Honours degree in Political Science at Carleton University.
  • Researcher consultant with Government of Canada’s Standing Committee on Finance.
  • Chief of Staff to Member of Provincial Parliament.
  • Drafted legislation such as the First Responders Act and Preserving Existing Communities Private Members’ Bill.
  • Strategic Advisor to the Mayor of Caledon.
  • Investment Advisor.
  • Currently with ASI Technologies, a database management solutions company and operates the “The Road Authority,” a joint venture between the Ministry of Transportation and Ontario Good Roads Association.

Community Involvement

  • Board of Directors member for Community Living Mississauga.
  • Director for the Port Credit Village Project.
  • Campaign Co-Manager for Councillor Jim Tovey’s Ward 1 Campaigns.
  • Lions Club Member.
  • Sat as a member of many local non-profit associations and provided strategic advice.
  • Organized a citizen’s group promoting safety in the community.

A Plan For Our Future

  • Protect and enhance the unique character of Ward 1, especially its stable and mature neighbourhoods.
  • Establish multi-stakeholder town hall forums on the progress and approvals of major developments, meaningfully engaging & informing neighbourhoods on a regular basis as Ward 1 enters a period of transformation and intensification.
  • Proactively manage large and small scale future development projects and fully consider the impact on local residents with a Good Neighbour Construction Policy to address issues such as noise, dust, truck parking and enforcement processes.
  • Defend the principle that all mandated requirements for in intensification in Ward 1 are accommodated in the Official Plan.
  • Place greater priority on preserving the tree canopy and making further refinements in zoning and planning policy to ensure lot-by-lot redevelopments are less intrusive and more compatible with neighbourhood character and experience.
  • Enhance and protect the Port Credit Heritage District.
  • Improve public transportation on the Lakeshore Corridor through emphasizing significant improvements to bus service, pedestrian and cycling safety that make the Ward’s main street more attractive for people and business.
  • Increase residential traffic calming and neighbourhood security.
  • Defend the importance of a distinctive waterfront experience in Port Credit & Lakeview that respects the values and ideas expressed over a decade in principles identifed in Inspiration Port Credit and Inspiration Lakeview planning & development processes.
  • Create an Advisory Committee for Applewood, Sherway and Orchard Heights to ensure local issues receive the same priority as elsewhere in the Ward.
  • Ensure that the Dundas Connects planning relieves pressure on neighbourhoods from inappropriate inll.
  • We can make a better customer experience for residents with innovation in regulations, enforcement and improved delivery of your services.
  • Promote business and employment opportunities for future generations through local hiring and procurement practices.
  • Insist on scale and social sustainability by keeping tax increases at or below the rate of inaction - and achieving efficiencies in service delivery to ensure that residents can afford to stay in Ward 1.
  • Protect seniors by helping and empowering them to stay in their homes as long as possible.
  • Increase opportunities for the young to have a place to call home in Ward 1 by increasing the supply of affordable and attainable housing.
  • Build the cycling/pedestrian bridge across the Credit River.
  • Support the arts community as a community pillar of culture and vitality.
  • Continue environmental innovations by expressing and respecting the mantel of championing environmental issues to protect the water quality and ecology of our streams, waterfront & Great Lakes.
  • Propose a vehicle noise by-law to curb excessive noise, especially from modied sports cars and motorcycles with loud sounds that infringe on the public peace.
  • Every community, neighbourhood and every resident has an inherent right to be informed, engaged and consulted before a decision is made that will affect their neighbourhood their family, or their property. I will listen to and respect your values.